Mary Lou Corcoran Physical & Aquatic Therapy’s Pediatric Team evaluates the infant/child’s range of motion, muscle tone, posture, developmental milestone and neuromotor status to identify areas of concern. A treatment plan is developed in conjunction with family/caregiver education. Without treatment, Torticollis patients’ fail to develop essential range of motion and eye convergence effecting the visual field, neglect of one upper extremity, jaw malalignment, scoliosis, muscle imbalances, poor balance, misshapen heads and extreme muscle tightness.

Therapeutic interventions include hands on techniques such as manual therapy, neuromotor re-education and modalities. Combination stretches into multiple planes of motion target the sternocleidomstoid muscle in supine, prone, sitting and side lying positions. One on one techniques utilize bilateral upper extremity task completion including fine motor skills and scapular stabilization.

Education of the parent(s)/caregiver(s) is provided through the use of interactive demonstrations along with illustrative handouts teaching proper hand positions, stretching techniques and positioning while emphasizing “tummy time” when the infant is awake and active.

MLCPT’s exclusive Pediatric Program was developed by two of our physical therapists with over 30 combined years of hands on pediatric clinical experience. Throughout the child's care at MLCPT, the Physician, parent(s)/caregiver(s), and therapist work together to help the child develop their maximum functional independence.

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