What is Corrective Exercise?

CORRECTIVE EXERCISE is an exercise technique which is very different from other regular exercise programs. It starts with a detailed analysis of the physical arrangement of the body. This analysis helps in determining any imbalances or deficits that could be affecting an individual's performance and his/her daily activities. After this analysis, a very specific corrective exercise and flexibility program is developed to help correct the body's structure and bring it back to its normal state. Corrective exercises are designed to make positive changes in the way an individual moves and they concentrate on the underlying cause of the pain, as the best way to eliminate pain is by eliminating the cause.

Benefits of Corrective Exercises 

·         Pain Reduction: The results can be immediate and huge. Although they may not be permanent, they can be reproduced by doing them daily at home.

·         Enables an individual to control the pain without the use of drugs, manipulation or surgery.

·         Enhances functional and athletic performance.

·         Helps in decreasing further injuries from training and sports.

·         Helps in detecting physical weaknesses and imbalances.

·         Helps in differentiating between movement quality and compensations.

·         Helps in detecting the cause-and-effect relationship to microtrauma.

·         Improves daily living activities.

·         Improves strength and flexibility.

·         Improves posture.

·         Reduces stress.

·         Gives an overall sense of well being.

A Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) has received additional education and training to provide critical assessment of anatomy, postural alignment, musculoskeletal function and functional movement patterns. A specialized exercise program is designed to correct issues and successfully help clients plagued by muscle and joint pain caused by musculoskeletal imbalances.

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